Masks for Family

Pasture Mask™ has specially designed a range of masks with children and elderly in mind to provide optimal protection while ensuring uncompromised comfort for the young and old. Regardless of age, Pasture Mask™ aims to ensure that that the entire family is well covered, protecting you and your loved ones against pollutants, germs and allergens.

With Pasture Senior S95 Mask and Pasture Junior J95 Mask, we hope to give you a peace of mind, knowing that your child and elderly are better protected.

Pasture Senior S-95 Mask


Specifically Designed For Seniors
  • Help to protect people with weak immunity
  • Ezy-breathe™ Technology – Easier to breathe
  • Patented 3-D design to provide comfort
  • Better fit for seniors
Mask (3D shape)
Package 5 masks $12.50
Package 25 masks $60.00

Pasture Junior J-95 Mask


Specially Designed For The Little Ones
  • Help to protect the young ones from allergens and influenza
  • Ezy-breathe™ Technology –Easier to breathe
  • Patented 3-D design to provide comfort
  • Fit well for children
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