Pasture Mask™

  • So far only supplied to hospitals & government institutions in US, Canada, Europe & Asia
  • US FDA-cleared surgical masks and N95 respirators
  • Specially made available to family members with pre-existing medical conditions

Recommended Models:

Ezy-breathe™ Technology

Pasture Mask™ R&D developed masks with high filtration & lower breathing resistance for easy breathing.

Ezy-breathe™ Technology
Scientifically Proven

Scientifically-Proven Respirator Fit

One of 2 companies in the world with FDA-cleared N95 respirators (Pasture F550G & Pasture A520G) that do not require fit test for general public use during medical health emergencies such as during pandemic.


Pasture Mask™ - Proven to effectively filter out bacteria, virus (COVID-19, seasonal flu), pollutants and PM 2.5.

Nurse with mask

Pasture Mask™ &
N95 Respirators

High Filtration + Ezy-breathe™ Technology + Good Fit = Safety + Comfort + Protection